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Last two weeks: town progress, improvements, bug fixes, screenshots, and, the best part, the video!

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Hello! This is what we've worked on the last two weeks-


-Worked on the 1st building a bit (which is the one to be an apothecary), added extra trim and supports, beveling front edge and etc. Looks a bit better eh?

-Added/replaced white placeholder buildings around town with the new buildings (that have been made currently), making it look a little more like a town.

-Main Town gate is now textured, raises at day, and lowers at night.


-Work on the round stair towers: they now are more properly UV’d and, more importantly, no longer have holes in them. Also added some random assortments to them, trying out different variations for their design (still WIP).

-Continued work also on the exterior of building 2 (which is a multistory residential building for folks living in the town).



-Setup preferred item actions for item buttons based on context (e.g. pressing on an item button while looting will place/take that item, while in repair mode you’ll repair the selected item, and etc).

-Offhand quickslot toggling now swaps between torches and shields in addition to weapons.

-You now perform an unarmed block when your weapon(s) are sheathed.

-You can now select to: "sleep ’til" morning/night, or to level up when resting in a bed.

-Mounters now add on their weight to their mount’s burden (e.g. another player jumping on your back will slow you down).

-Repair menu now exits if there are no more possible items to repair.

-All weapons and shields now unequip when breaking (item condition reaches zero). You can no longer equip broken items.

-Empty bottles and potions now shatter with glass when broken (including items attacked).

-When a character pushes a rigidbody, the rigidbody now receives a force rather than just being set to a velocity as before. This makes the object’s mass matter.:)


-Fixed bug where NPCs random loot-shuffle would try to equip them with 2 right bracers, instead of a left and right.

-Fixed a bug with animator updating based on equipment. It would update before the next item was equipped when using quickslots, so your animations would be behind one item.

-Fixed height damage equation, which was flipped. Now more burden equals more height damage.

Audio: fixed quiet/absent item pickup sounds while looting. The sounds now play at the new item owner’s position, instead of the actual item’s position.

-Fixed player animation bugs: dying while jumping and dying while mounted.

-Fixed horse animation bug: remaining in jump animation after receiving height damage until jumping again.


TAR_Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.29.28 PMTAR_Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.25.58 PMTAR_Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.11.56 PM




oooo looks amazing! Tracked!

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