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v0.2 of The Arcane Relics™ is now available for download to the public! Download now at...

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Howdy everyone! Guess what? It’s finally here, v0.2 of The Arcane Relics™ is now available for download to the public! This one seems like it’s been a long journey, one for the ages — two years in the making. Hard to believe it’s been that long for this version alone…

In this version, there are many new things: encounters, areas, items, graphical improvements, etc.. Unfortunately, we had to remove certain things mentioned in some of our posts that weren’t working well, or that were actually breaking the game. Nevertheless, most things made it in.

But without further ado-

Here is the v0.2 trailer:

Downloads are available on itch.io via this link —> Niemi-bros.itch.io

As always, if you have any extra cash or are feeling generous this time of year, any donation counts and will help us continue in our endeavors in creating video games, one in particular being TAR.

We missed our development anniversary this year, so we’ll have to show some changes in an upcoming post or something. :)

Anyway, we’d like to thank everyone who has continued following us and our progress, and who keep playing TAR, despite its unpolished/early state. Hope everyone enjoys this version as much as the last, or even more, and that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

We’ll see what 2020 brings next.

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