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Post news RSS TAR Update, June 4, 2016 : The Signs Are Here

Progress roughly in the last month (from May 15-Jun 4): signs, regenerating limbs, bedrolls, labels, new windows, horse & skin tones, overwhelming forces, weapon trails, refractions, & more!

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Hello folks! Is it June already? Here's what we've accomplished within the last month-



Signs of things to come! There’s now two new signs, that draw your eye – making you want to read their contents.


Crippled limbs will now recover over time! Previously, only by being revived or finishing an arena match could restore your limb’s crippled status.

Consuming a healing item will also speed up a crippled limb’s recovery. Once a crippled limb’s Health surpasses zero, the crippled effects will be removed.



Now, not only are there comfy beds, there’s bedrolls. And they expand when you sleep in them too!

Laying in a bed or sitting in a chair, will result in faster Stamina regeneration rates.

Laying in a bed will also gradually restore your Health (including limb’s Health), finally!



Added a label display in the bottom-right corner. It displays the name of the current operable object (anything you can interact with) that you are looking at. All objects are not yet named, or setup correctly, so there’ll be some funny names until finished.

NEW WINDOWSTAR_ExtrusionWindowPreview

These windows are on the top floor of all residential buildings in town. They allow you to see out in more directions, but cannot be opened.


Horses now have random colors, so all horses are no longer white. And also, you can select a skin tone when creating your character!



(We still need to separate the eyes from tinting…)


If an attack exceeds a certain “force value” (e.g. standing too close to an explosion), you will be knocked down as a ragdoll – even if your Health isn’t completely depleted. Strength increases this “force value” on your delivered attacks and decreases it from attacks received.


We’ve changed them, yet again! We’ve discovered a free asset and decided to investigate it. Here’s the results:

TAR_WeaponTrails(Courtesy of X-WeaponTrail by Shallway Studio on the Unity Asset Store)


  • Setup individual user profile settings saving & loading, for things such as look sensitivity and invert y look – essential for even a demo, I’d say. Previously, all players shared a single global settings file.
  • Setup some graphical options: toggling image effects (Bloom, Fog, SSAO, & Depth of Field), and refractions.
  • Added an ‘Erase all data’ button to the Title screen settings.
  • Title screen now uses a different settings prefab than the in-game version. There’s no need for an erase all data button in the middle of gameplay!


  • Pumpkins now emit orange juices not only when destroyed but when taking damage too!
  • Reworked system for damaged entity particle emissions. It’s now calculated on an object that’s taking damage vs. when a weapon lands a hit on the object’s collider. The object hit contains info specific to how emissions should look, such as color and size. This allows, for example, a pumpkin the ability to shoot out orange juices when taking hits and characters the color red, for blood. Another bonus, bat bites and bomb blasts will now cause particles to emit on damaged characters and props, unlike before.


We’ve setup refractions for water and windows! As mentioned earlier, they can be toggled on/off in settings if your computer is old, like ours.



(The blue background fades in and out, in game.)

One thing we noticed when testing The Arcane Relics™ is how easy it can be to overlook the level up message. Currently, navigating through the status menu isn’t the easiest thing either, we have work to do there. Our current solution, a glowing panel that appears behind the in-game HUD when you can level up!



  • Added plaster wall texture to buildings, as seen above.
  • Improved the field entrance from the Homestead, adding ledges and etc.
  • The “Grim Reaper Scythe” now resides on your back when sheathed.
  • Added a sign on the Apothecary building in Town.
  • Hostile NPCs can now attack you, even if you are on horseback.
  • Smashing glass windows will now damage nearby characters.
  • Added a ‘gore color’ console command. Gore color is saved in your character data too.
  • Fixed bug with added effects. Added effects would not merge durations correctly when combined.
  • Fixed bug where framerate dives underwater would cause your air bar to refill.
  • Fixed a bug with generating attributes for NPCs. NPCs can have more variation in attributes now.
  • Fixed a bug with item loot shuffles. Certain item types should now appear less often.
  • Music should now resume/play again after changing audio device (e.g. plugging a laptop into tv).
  • You will now be ejected from a mount when you ragdoll, not just by incapacitation. Previously when your head was crippled, you would get some funny results where you’d pop back on the horse after waking up/recovering.
  • Added settings to toggle blood on/off.
  • Decreased scaling of items’ size on quickslots, in single player.
  • Swapping weapons while sheathed, no longer causes them to pop back in your hand(s).
  • Sheathing/drawing weapons now causes quickslots to update.
  • Lights from hitting (from sparks), now fade out smoothly.
  • Egg item pickup sound is no longer a deep thud.
  • Setup most particles to only emit if the desired emission point is within a player’s view and is within a certain distance from the player’s camera.
  • Any liquid spew, aside from water splashes, such as a shattered potion or pumpkin hit (orange juice spew), will now cause some splat decals to appear.
  • Fixed bug where the crossbow would display the combined weight of itself and all your equipped ammo (bolts) for the stack weight.


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