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Progress from Mar. ~10-26: Alchemy progress, Dialog, Town progress overview (Screenshots), Misc Goodies, Billboard bug fix & Unity tip

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Hello everybody,

We are now getting back into the groove of creating The Arcane Relics™! Since March 6th, work on the game has been sporadic. This past week has been our first full week of work since. Let’s get to it-

TAR_Alchemy Result

Alchemy progress:

Similar effects in combined ingredients are now averaged together/combined and an item graphic is now in. Alchemy results correctly stack on the same item slot if their effects are identical and their effects now save.


Setup basic dialog text display when interacting with certain objects like the new operable signs, pictured below.


Town progress:

As you can see below, the foundation of the town’s layout is coming along.



White buildings are placeholder

Misc Goodies:

-Lifting or throwing objects (crates & barrels) now drain stamina based upon the weight of the container. Items inside contribute to the container’s weight too.

-You can now toggle through pause menu categories (Inventory, Status, etc.) using a gamepad by pressing L1 or R1 (bumpers).

-You can now swirl the camera around your character while in the pause menu, if using a gamepad (right joystick).

-Clicking in and holding the right joystick, on a gamepad, will lock your character’s look direction allowing you to swirl around and look at your character’s appearance during gameplay.

-While you are incapacitated, pressing an action button (attack, roll, etc.) will result in your character emitting some humorous sounds while jiggling.

-Dropped items now emit some sparkles to help identify where they land.

-Added console commands ‘morning’ and ‘midnight’.

Bug Fix & Unity Tip:

-Fixed rotations of billboarding text. Previously, using transform.LookAt(Camera.main.transform.position); the text would face the center of the screen/camera sometimes resulting in an unwanted rotation upside down if looking up or down upon it. The fix was actually quite simple:

transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(-Camera.main.transform.forward, Camera.main.transform.up);

If you ever want to make a billboard, that code should do it.

Have a happy Easter weekend everyone!

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