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Development update (June-July): graphical goodies, AI improvements, teasers, and little bit more.

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Greetings! It’s been over 2 months, but we’ve been working away. Work for these months consisted of a lot of cleaning up, organizing, polishing, & fixing things. Nevertheless, here’s some of the spoils worth showing-


Amongst other things, I’ve been working on improving various shaders. Some work has been creating variants (with shader features), which has been quite a learning experience. Too many variants causes its own issues with build/load times… Anyway, here’s some of the improvements:


Now the lava waves and looks a bit better.


Although it hasn’t changed much from the last post, the water now has noise added to the edges, thus waving a bit. It also fades slightly on the outer edge.


(Fades out.)

(Character fades too.)

Now entrances are something more than just flat planes.


The sky shader has seen some improvements as well. Now there’s two layers of clouds: above the current layer (which is a particle system), one additional layer has been added right inside the skybox shader (generated by noise maps).


Other than bug-fixing, Jon has been working on various things, including AI. Here, take a look:

(Pay no attention to the person falling off the dock.)

Now enemies/NPCs in pursuit will sprint towards their targets when farther away and slow down when near. It’s one of the spoils of his steering behavior work. He may tell you more about it later.

He’s also been working on stealing. :D


(Is that a new helm?!)

(What’s that tent in the background?)

  • Travelling?!


  • Encounters: bandits?!

(Ruffians in pursuit.)


  • Lava Cave now has an ambient bubbling sound.
  • Added support for HDR color eyes.
  • Added a few more hairstyles, including some facial hairs.
  • Now when you roll and you airbourne, you ragdoll.
  • Bug fixing.

We’re still shooting for the end of this year, for v0.2.


Happy to see you guys are still kickin and this wonderful game is still in progress, great work shown yet again no matter how minor!

Ye humble scribe, WulfKang

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Ah, another update. Perfect!

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Good to see you are still working on this!

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