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Our development update for January 2019: progress on new motor, new buildings, water shader preview, seasonal changes progress, and etc.

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Hey everybody! Jon's been working on a variety of things: trying to cleanup and fix issues for the next release, and working on the revised character motor that addresses collision issues we’ve been having.

Here’s what he's been looking at:

(So many numbers…)

So far he's gotten the basic motor functioning. Getting the steering forces to ‘feel’ right is taking some time, but off to a good start. But realism isn’t the goal, as input feels less responsive and instant changes in velocity to match input isn’t good, either — somewhere in between. Friction variation on different surface materials is something we want to keep as part of the game too.

Some advantages of the new motor setup include: slope angles affecting top speed, more smooth shifts in velocity, and improved jump calculations. Next, Jon plans to integrate additional actions such as the character shoving, shoulder mounting, tree climbing, etc.


Town Hall which resides in the Upper Town. We have many plans for this building, in the future.

Harbor Building, yet to be named. It’s in the harbor…


I went off the deep end and dived into the water shader, yet again. The spoils? There’s now underwater fog (depth, fading blue), when looking through it. We'll have to add fog once you're underneath to match, in the future. It'll be a bit tricky with multiple players/cameras though. Also, the refraction has been improved, as your character doesn't distort when standing in front of the water, as before.

I also continued with season changing setups, adding reddish leaf variations in Autumn and leafless maples in Winter (as oaks already lost their leaves).

  • Jon found some handy Unity editor scripts:
    • ( Justapixel.co.uk ) Allows moving components to top/bottom in the inspector quickly.
    • ( Toxicfork.com ) Identifies gameObjects in scene view, that are highlighted in hierarchy. Very handy.
  • Created some new Added effects:
    • Suffocate – drains air regardless of whether you are underwater or not.
    • Invulnerability – you cannot be damaged! Added this on respawn/revive of a player to reduce the chance of quick subsequent deaths.
  • Swimming improvements
    • Fixed obnoxious splashing from head entering/exiting water, finally!
    • Ragdoll enter/exit water works better/more properly now.
  • Added some NPC dialog variations if the player is very fatigued
  • Moon improvements: more visual iterations of moon waning/waxing
  • Wesport now has ocean audio.
  • Continued to setup more prefabs with variants/nesting, some specifics:
    • Signs
    • Warp pads

We are also working on getting Chipmonk! onto Steam. Our store page, listed as ‘coming soon,’ is up. Have a look:

We are familiarizing ourselves with the process so hopefully when we get to putting TAR up there, it will be a lot easier.

And we leave you with a screenshot:

Back to work...

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