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Development update from August to now (mid/late-October): armor (old/new), new shields, new weapon, and more!

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Hello everyone! We’re toiling away. Here’s our development update from August until roughly now (this post includes some work in October):


During these 2 months or so, I’ve worked on improving some of the older pieces of iron armor, mainly the cuirass and pauldrons – both large & small (large ones shown above). Along with previewing a newer helmet variation.

There’s now Leather Armor! Some of the pieces made include: pauldrons, cuirass, and a helmet. There are two sets of pauldrons, the smaller ones look like this:

The leather armor, overall, is much lighter than its metal counterparts, which will allow characters to move around a bit quicker whilst having the benefit of some protection.


Some additional shields have been made. First up-

(The Buckler.)

A small and lighter shield, as opposed to all the ones currently in – besides maybe the plank shield.

(Next, the Targe.)

A little larger than the buckler, still lighter than most the old shields (lighter than the Iron Kite or Norkfolk), and it includes a spike! This spike may have greater use in the future…


The latest weapon addition to TAR is…

The Poleaxe! This long-reaching weapon is certainly a delight in open areas…


(Wishlist on Steam!)

The release of our other game on Steam is coming soon! Wishlist it to know when it does.


(Mmmmmmmm…. Looks good enough to eat.)

Terradim now has cookies! Complete with 32×32 texture maps. Look good don’t they?


  • Various UI Tweaks: You may have noticed the upper-right game HUD is a little different.
  • Started adding some rewards when victorious in the arena. Currently, a single gold coin is awarded per victory. :D
  • Adding more enemy spawners in various scenes to liven up travels.
  • Texture atlasing… optimizing.

Jon is continuing to squash bugs… There’s a lot of them right now. But we'll get them eventually.

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