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This Update's main focus has been on creating the King of the Hill GameMode.

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V5 Update
This time on Tank Smasher's new update, the main focus has been on creating the King of the Hill Game Mode. Further improving the overall feeling of the movement and finally adding a few more sound effects. The menu has also been improved adding thereby space for future implementations. The next update's main focus will be on establishing a base AI system.

Change Log :

  • Added Sprint Sound FX.
  • Added Trail to Tanks.
  • Added King of The Hill Game-Mode.
  • Added Tank Movement Sound FX.
  • Added Minor & Major explosion Sound FX.
  • Explosions now trigger Explosive Barrels.
  • Added a Game Mode selection Screen.
  • Changed the way games are started on the lobby.
  • Added Visual Tank Destruction Levels.
  • Increased Camera Wiggle upon barrel explosion.
  • Added Heart Bars to UI.
  • Fixed Config File being re-generated everytime the game loaded.
  • Fixed Being Unable to return to the Main Menu.
  • Fixed only Keyboard being able to push Start.
  • Fixed joining a lobby slot automatically starting the game.
  • Fixed game bugging when matches restarted.
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