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With the release of the new patch, 0.3.1 we completely revamped our HUD, you will see how the new configuration works in the in-game menu manual images :)

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Changes done on the new patch:

2. New icon replacements
3. Tree collision check for tile / device placement.
4. Fixed Blueprints prerequisites for tools
5. Added Advanced Torch
6. Pod open with shift+click
7. Fixed trigger problems around containers
8. Added missing icons for crafting.
9. Glow sticks glow now glow
10. Fixed: Decimals in crafting
11. Fixed crafting crash
12. Hopefully fixed the issues with text edit controls putting input backwards sometimes as well as other keyboards having issues with the @ symbol.
13. icon updates and new combinator, smelter, chemlab colors
14. fixed - Infinite Crafting w/ Storage Open
15. Fixed searching for items in chests etc.
16. Plant sizes & light changes
17. lava rock changes added light in deeper caverns
18. lessened density of volumetric dust
19. Do not delete pod if player exit before salvage
20. Pause events when game pause
21. updates to pacing and to gravity for enemies
22. Fixed resolution save issue.
23. Added slight randomness to water light ray effect.
24. Added more lava at the bottom of the map.
25. fixes to inventory not updated or discovered in containers
26. Fixed camp events so they won't spawn in the City.
27. Made it so that fluids of a different type will not combine. If water and lava touches it will now make LavaRock and a steam effect.
28. Added Plasma Cutter and Sonic Drill.
29. new manual images
30. parasites can no longer go through doors.
Due to the heavy changes needed to implement all the fixes and improvements on the game, now you will lose all the worlds and characters developed using previous game versions. But don't worry, sure that the improvements done will compensate that :)!

Check out the game here on Desura:


And please vote us on here on Steam Greenlight, so Darkout development will improve much faster!


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