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Tainted Fate's second update is live! The Puzzles Galore update reworks many of the levels in the game, adding new, more interesting puzzles to the mix. Additionally we've added collectibles to make level exploration more rewarding.

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This update resulted from many players quitting the game in the first third of the game because the gameplay was too repetitive. We're trying to add more varied stuff for the player to do in an effort to keep you playing beyond the first third of the game.

First minion functionality

Many players found the first minion to be basically useless since he was a weak boi and had no use outside of fights. We've added pressure plates on which our boi must stand to open gates. This feature later gets more complex as the player has to stand on a pressure plate together with our boi, use the slow down time power to run through a gate while it's closing etc.

Prison Island Puzzle

There's a valve and some steam. And explosive lanterns.

Shipwreck Puzzle

There's a control board with a crack and electricity sparking out of it. The only door in the room is locked.

Puzzle Changes

Twisted Dimension teleporters puzzle now a bit harder. Lighthouse puzzle now a bit harder.


We've added collectibles in levels and a counter of how many you collected in the main menu.

All changes:
- reworked first scene (helljob) to accomodate new puzzle
- added minion puzzle in helljob scene
- added minion+player puzzle in house scene
- reworked catacombs scene to accomodate new puzzle(s)
- added minion+player puzzle in catacombs scene
- added minion puzzle in boss intro scene
- added prison island valve and steam puzzle
- added shipwreck puzzle
- added island4 scene (before lighthouse) critter+minion puzzle
- added collectibles in many levels
- added collectibles counter in main menu

Known bugs:
we've just discovered these new bad boys (in addition to our giant internal bug list) and will fix them in the next update:
-Oculus Rift only: tunneling (vignetting) does not work in free walk mode (except when you press in the thumbstick)
-Oculus Rift only: vibration lasts a second longer than it should after you start holding a body part

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