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In which tables and their contents are detailed; a doorframe is made to fit its surroundings; interactions--some yet stubs--are added; a surrounding view is worked on; logic for exits is implemented; and object-names and protagonist-responses are written.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshot shows a piece of the (possibly work-in-progress) view that's found surrounding the third room of level six:

Screenshot from 2020 12 12 10 49

The week just past was a varied one, with some each of level-building, writing, and game-logic:

I mentioned in last week's blog-post, I believe, that I had begun work on a new room in level six. And indeed, much of the work of the week just past went towards that room.

Within the room in question, the main focus of work was the pair of curved tables that runs around the inside periphery. Here the geometry was polished, illegible papers were added and scattered about, and other objects were scaled and positioned.

Further, I added the stubs of a few interactions: a few things that can be picked up and examined, and a blank translation-minigame for one piece of legible text.

Beyond the table, the room's doorframe was adjusted, to fit with the stones at its location in this room.

Screenshot from 2020 12 09 13 02

Outside of the room, work continued in polishing the table and chair found against one wall. Here stains and the remains of what was likely once food were added to the table (and the latter within the nearby box, too). Furthermore, the knife on the table was completed. And finally, simple descriptions were added to the table and to the contents of the aforementioned box.

Screenshot from 2020 12 12 10 50

Further afield, I spent time on the view that surrounds the level. Here I tweaked the distant forest, adjusted the line of hills, added a body of water, and worked on the form and caves of the nearby tiered hills.

Screenshot from 2020 12 12 10 49 1

And indeed, with all that I think that I may have this room nearly done now! ^_^

And a few things were done aside from (or not wholly specific to) that particular room. Perhaps most notably, I put in place the logic for updating the exits from the level once certain conditions are fulfilled, wrote various object-names and protagonist-responses, and made the bedside table in the second room examinable.

And along the way I made several changes that don't seem worth mentioning here!

That then is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^

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