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A more science-themed trailer showing the latest action sequences and biological enemies in the game.

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Syndemic Second Cinematic Trailer

The second cinematic trailer for Syndemic. This one shows the latest environments under construction, including the new tumor interior environment. Here's a play-by-play of what happens in each scene:

0:24 - The Symbiont ventures into a cluster of large immune cells inside a fungal infection.

0:28 - A battle breaks out between immune cells and invading pathogens in the bloodstream.

0:36 - The Symbiont engages a genetically-modified Champion with antibiotics.

0:42 - On the surface of the eye, the Symbiont attacks budding yeast cells.

0:48 - Mega-sized bacteriophages have infiltrated the brain, and are targeting the Symbiont with their toxins.

0:59 - A cancer cell attempts to metastasize and spread through the bloodstream. The Symbiont teams up with immune cells to destroy it with oxidizing and exothermic weapons.

1:04 - The Symbiont enters a cancerous tumor and releases a 'Super-Nova' of anti-cancer drugs.

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