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Post news RSS Syndemic: Probiotic Warfare and Immunity

A description of some of the biological scenarios under construction, including immune cell defense and probiotic warfare.

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Some more game scenarios under construction!

Immune Cell Attack

Immune Cell Guardian

Generally, you are beneath the notice of the immune cells that patrol the body. These enormous cells have bigger priorities than harassing a single symbiotic microbe. However, if the host's body is to survive from the diseases running amok, you will need to guide and protect these immune cells whenever you can.

While these large cells are armed with powerful antiseptic weapons, they lack the mobility of a smaller microbe. Because of this, they can easily get overwhelmed by hordes of enemies. You must clear a path for your massive ally while gently nudging their membrane out of harm's way.

Occasionally, you will encounter special immune molecules called 'Cytokines'. You can metabolize these to provide a temporary boost to your defences, or guide immune cells to them to improve their weaponry.

Probiotic Warfare

In this scenario, you're immediately dropped into a full-scale battle within the small intestines. The beneficial microbes that normally live in the digestive system are under siege by a sudden flood of violent pathogens. Caught in the crossfire, you must even the odds by striking back at the pathogens and helping to redirect prebiotic nutrients towards the beneficial microbes.

However, your antibiotic weapons do not discriminate between friend or foe, so you must aim carefully. Reckless shots will eliminate beneficial and harmful microbes alike. In addition, all microbes can benefit from the prebiotic nutrients constantly entering the intestines – if these nutrients are hoarded by the pathogens, your host will suffer severe consequences.

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