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A new update is available for Swords vs. Spies. Details below:

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A new update for Swords vs. Spies is available. The change log is included in this post. A few balancing adjustments were made, as well as a few new additions.

- WaderTheGamer


==== Update 002 Changelog ====
Mod Updates:
* Content: 45acp Ammo Conversion for Spy Gun.
* Content: Sticky Soundmaker for Spies.
* Content: Revolver for Swords.

* Fix: Swords can now equip mines in 2nd explosive slot.
* Fix: Reduced Remote Mine suppression distance.
* Fix: Changed Decoy_2 carry amount to 2.
* Fix: Changed Remote Mine carry amount to 3.
* Fix: Reduced M16 damage output.

* Fix: Upped price of 9mm Conversion.
* Fix: Upped price of Makarov to match the M9 (5).
* Fix: Adjusted Swords' armor values.
* Fix: Reduced default starting supply amount. (14 to 12)
* Fix: Increased capture time for all objectives (30).
* Fix: Reduced spawn time for all factions.
* Fix: Increased wave counts for both teams.

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