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This week, development has focused on swinging swords, displaying information, and hearing noises.

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Being able to swing a sword has seen implementation this week. The character swings in an arc around them. Each swing will alternate directions from the last. The texture for the sword is currently just simple pixel art, so painting a new texture for it is on the to-do list.

The HUD is a bit of a mess at the moment. The health bar is floating in the upper left corner and 2 boxes are in the lower right containing the player's current primary and secondary weapons. I am considering expanding the game's drawing area a bit at the top or the bottom of the screen for the HUD specifically. For now, it is completely "functional."

The highlight of this week is the new sound effects. It is very pleasing to actually "hear" feedback from the game. Currently, there are sounds for the pause menu, hurting a gel, a mob being killed, and hurting any other mob (including the player). I may tweak any of these at a later date, but I think they get the job done for now.

The following is a demonstration of this week's work:

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