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Design of the collectibles (the bananas) and the current idea for the game icon.

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Hello there!

Today we will show the design of the principal collectible of Swing to the Top: the bananas.

Also we have developed our current idea for the icon of the game.

Just a simple banana design for a cartoon art-style like ours. This will probably be the final design for the vertical slice that we will deliver on July since we don't want to stuck a lot of time with this simple prop.


Anyway this collectible nedeed a little animation to stand out on the scenario, so we do make a little shining animation for the precious banana.

For the icon we must have to prove other concepts. Anyway this is the concept that we like the most for know. The monkey's head with a banana crown show pretty much the vibe of the game when you see the icon on the computer desktop.

This is a more detailed version, but even if we continue with this concept we will improve this version.

This were all the art advances that we have until now.

Have a nice week!

Burning Crusaders Studio

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