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Post news RSS Swing to the Top #1: Game Art Style and Environment

We are going to present the Art-Style of Swing to the Top, its inspirations and the current environment studies.

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Hello everyone! Time to present the Art-Style of Swing to the Top!

Image 1: Swing to the Top general art-style moodboard.

The art-style is going to be a cartoon art-style. The main environment is going to be the jungle. With those simple concepts in mind we started to use as a reference, actually, Hollow Knight.

Image 2: Green and vegetation environment on Hollow Knight franchise.

The reason to use Hollow Knight is, first, because there's a lot of scenarios in the game with green as color palette and lots of vegetation, and second, because we wanted to have one reference that wasn't just "monkeys and jungle" to make the art-style of the game different, at least inside of this theme.

The most valuable thing that we get from Hollow Knight is the way they use depth on the background, that is divided in differents layers of depth that allows to make a most interesting background than usual. Also we use as a reference some of the vegetation of the game to have a larger variety of vegetation on Swing to the Top.

We also are using the character as a reference, mainly in the sense that we want our monkey to be with no facial expression and to be small or "chibi".

Image 3: Updated In-game mock-up.

Sumarizing, Swing to the Top cartoonish art-style is inspired on games of the same theme of a monkey swinging and jumping on the jungle, but we choose to have an strong inspiration in Hollow Knight, on its environment and character, in order to make an most unique game inside its thematic.

Have a nice week!

Burning Crusaders Studio

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