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Not only do you get the open ended world to explore, you also get the crazy, eye melting survival mode. How long can you last before it all gets too crazy for you? Do your best! upload your score and see if you can be the Sweezy Gunner champ!

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If you like a crazy survival mode with online high score then Sweezy Gunner has it in bucket loads!

But mister.... How does it work

Well the basic idea is very simple, survive as long as you can, kill as much as you can and collect all of those tasty cash monies to get a high score. But there is more to it. Killing monsters adds to your multiplier bar, filling this bar will multiply any loot collected by your multiplier level, thats the way to build your score nice and high however, get hit and it goes straight back to 0. Keeping your multiplier is the key.

Also every kill will add to the "Phase shift" bar, filling thins will take you to the next level of the survival mode where not only does it get harder and faster, new monsters will appear with better loot. How many phases can you complete before the mayhem becomes too much.

Every phase shift will give you a permanent stat boost, this could be anything from another heath container or stronger bullets or even increasing the value of the loot. Each play is different.

Check out the video below to see just how crazy it gets! (Its me playing and I am a little rusty!)

After the play through your personal best will be saved and if its high enough, it will be added to the online leader board, Can you become the Sweezy Gunner champion of the world?

Its a challenge for even the most hardened gamers!

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