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As the fun with Humans Must Prevail depends on the type of enemies available, here's an idea i've been working on.

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Another enemy idea i've come up are strike teams like a swat squad. The main intention is to have a rapid, focused, easily killable but very damaging team of enemies that strike instantly and can cripple your monster easily if not under check.

  • When the van approaches the monster enough, it deploys its team of six police men.

  • Swat deployment

  • After that the police men engage the monster with their weapons.

  • Swat team attacking

  • When attacking, some of the police men can throw grenades against the monster, causing heavy damage.

  • Swat member throwing a grenade

This in conjunction with drop-in military personnel will result in a complicated task management to keep the small ones on check.

Like the police car, the police men will flee to the swat van after depleting their ammo on the monster.


hahaha this is awesome!

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johnvillarzavatti Author

Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm :-)

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