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Join my discord in the link below, updates as described are in the description.

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The mod is still being developed by the best people possible. I'm doing everything in my power to ensure a new scenario for a new perspective. Though the Beta release date is unknown, content that is being put into it is very strong. I really hope that we gain more followers and build up a new community in the Hearts of Iron 4 network.

My update for the mod is that I added a bunch of new states to increase the play-ability for the players to make thing interesting and new leaders have new roles. Ideas and focuses are being made at the moment and boy it's tough, but if you join us, we can release this early version of the mod sooner than expected, come aboard or ship as we go on a journey to create something new. Show your support in the group and help us and I promise nothing but the best initial game-play. Thank you and I wish you all a happy modding.

Discord Server:

- Discordapp.com

Sovereign World

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