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Our latest update has a twist. A video of the our journey developing The Pedestrian.

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Hello people,

Thanks for coming back to the monthly update of The Pedestrian. This one is a little different. Like we've mentioned before, we're at the stage of development where the changes that are happening are relatively small. So we don't have a crazy amount to show. However, there is a surprise video that we're happy to share about the life of The Pedestrian and Skookum Arts! So be sure to check that out below.


Click the video above to watch our journey!

What Have We Been Up To?

That being said we're continuing to go through our beta waves, writing down all bug reports, taking notes on all the gameplay videos, and recording all the suggestions. These are being discussed and potentially added to the next sprint for the next beta wave.

So What's Next?

Continuing our implementation of music and audio. We have a big audio push coming up. So we’re really excited to see how well that goes and hopefully we'll be able to share some more awesome music soon.

Beta testing revealed that our Rooftops mechanic wasn’t as clear as we’d like it. So we believe we have a solution that solves a couple problems, while also making it more understandable.

Some slight gameplay and visual improvements! Things like making nodes easier to connect, having sign contents update before you can see them, and making sure each quality setting looks good.

Thank you all so much! If you didn't check out the video, be sure to scroll back up and give it a watch to see where The Pedestrian came from. We'll catch you all next month!


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