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Chocolate Game Jam Finished! Support us so we can continue the game!

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Hello everyone!

As part of a one-week game jam we present to you Sentient Freedom!

A game about a robot that wakes up after a long time, finding itself in an abandoned facility forgotten by time. Its premise is to guide the robot on the way to find an exit from the facility. Through a series of obstacles and platforms, the robot lingers closer to the exit to a world that’s already lost… or is it?

Since the game is from a game jam it has some design flaws and bugs, but depending on the feedback and support of you guys, we are thinking about continuing it!

If some of you find that the game has potential, please help us with a donation and share with your friends to help us out!

Finally, feel free to post on the comments about any bugs, advice and other stuff that you want to say about the game!

Thanks for your attention,



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