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Ouroboros: Prelude. Escape the darkness before it consumes you.

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Follow the story of Ouroboros as it begins with Prelude. You wake up in a cell. You remember very little. Your name is James. You are an apothecary. You were brought deep into the Holy Roman Empire by a count to help him with research. You found something you should not have. And that you have family who will be in danger if you cannot get out alive.

In development for a little over a year. Dreamverse Entertainment's first game. Ouroboros: Prelude is a first person survival horror with puzzle elements. Your only goal is to get out alive... if you can.

In order to stay alive you need to avoid or out wit the creatures and traps that litter this dismal dungeon. Be careful though, the shadows in this place seem to writhe and the very stone seems to change on a whim. Conserve your light, because if you run out of tinder or candles you will be trapped in the dark.

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