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Our last update was all about improving planets, this week we're blowing them up.

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Super Weapons in Empyrean Frontier

These last 2 weeks, I've been working on adding super weapons and other support powers with manual casting ability. I'm a firm believer that there's a place for ridiculously powerful super weapons in any RTS, provided that the cost and cooldown times can be appropriately balanced. While the ability to destroy a planet may be insignificant next to the power of the force, it's still pretty cool looking in a video game.

Several tech buildings in the game will grant the player the ability to cast various game-changing abilities. These tech buildings require a large investment (especially for the "main" super weapon) and the abilities are placed on a significant countdown timer. So far, I've implemented 2 examples of what could be called super weapons, and I expect each of the two planned factions to end up with one main super weapon and 2 or 3 lesser support powers.

Super Laser: (ultimate super weapon)-the super laser has 2 different firing modes, each sharing a cooldown timer-the first mode fires 10 bursts at random enemies in the target area, causing heavy area of effect damage-the second mode fires a single high powered burst, ideally into the core of a planet or moon, instantly destroying it

Microwave Overcharge: (support power)-normally used to transmit power to expansions and outposts, the microwave transmitter can be overloaded to temporarily disable all ships in the target area

Other planned support powers include a wormhole generator for instant cross-map travel, temporary reinforcements, and eventually an EMP and nuclear missile for the second faction.


The laster to destroy the planet should last longer and the exploding planet should create a shockwave.

And instead of the laser hitting randomly, it should be a continous laser that eliminates everything in it`s path.( like a tsunami )

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