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We have a new demo available for Super Pilot, that now allows to create really crazy tracks! Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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We have a new demo available! There has been a lot of changes since the first prototype. Mainly, the editor now allows for 3D modifications of the track, which brings a whole new level of complexity to the tool, and some new usability questions. So, once again, we'd really like to know what you think, and are happy to take any comments and suggestions of improvements.

The racing controls have also changed quite a bit, to accommodate all the crazy shapes the track can now take. So obviously any comment on those are also welcome. :)

By the way, thanks to everyone who filled the feedback form on the first prototype! Although this wasn't obvious, your comments were indeed taken into account, and were a big help. We've realized the Google Form wasn't a very open channel though, so there is now a dedicated subreddit to discuss player feedback. The form is still here for those who prefer that though. :)

Current main features

  • Track editor with support for looping, twisting and rotating the track
  • Quick race and time attack modes
  • Local multiplayer up to 4 players
  • Up to 50 dumb AIs
  • One environment, 2 ships

Main features we'd like to add

  • Track sharing
  • Championship mode
  • Smarter AIs
  • Online multiplayer
  • Support for track distortion: width adjustment, curvature, etc
  • Support for jumps
  • Support for track surface alteration: boost pads, slippery surfaces, etc
  • More environments and ships
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