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We’re making progress! At this rate our game will be ready to test around December. The characters are coming along nicely and our game world has started taking shape. This is one of the lovely people you will meet, the Defender. He’s out to get you, unless you take him down first.

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We're also looking for some user feedback in regards to devices,

Point 1:
We’re looking for as many versions/phones/tablets as possible that support applications. If you guys could let me know what device you use and what version it is we’d appreciate it. Using it for development purposes, trying to figure out how many different settings we’ll need to cater for, size/graphics/overall quality and all.

Point 2: How much are you willing to pay on average for an application? Does it depend on how good the trailers look? Would you rather a trial version first (one or two set levels for free with no ads), a complete free version with ads or a paid version with no ads?

Thanks everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!

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