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This article represents a complete game overview, including videos, prints, concepts, gifs, history, etc..., Enjoy!

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Name: Yellow Desire


People that enjoy an adventure game that contains a lot of goals, items to break and decisions that influence the whole game. Also people that played other platform games such as castlevania SOTN, Spawn, Megaman, etc....


The game is built on 2D platform with elements of Hack and Slash, Adventure and Action, where the maps are linear (there is no way back after finishing a map), and these maps contain secrets such as breakable walls that hide items and missions, being up to the player to accept or not the mission. Therefore, if the player denies the mission, good items may be left behind permanently, considering that there is no way back after finishing a map.


Firstly the game will be played on PC only, but being exported to Xbox360/One in the future.


The game is still under development and a demo version may be launched in more or less 4 months.

Find the game:

The steps of the game development are being shared on the social networks and other sites such as blogs. The game name is “Yellow Desire”, already available in searching websites just like the name of the main character “Rheiz”.


Gustavo Travnik (Animations, Programmer, Sound Designer)

Arts and character designer by Thiago Gomes.




(Controller Setup)

(New HUD)

(Concept Pause Menu)

(Save Game - Stage)

Concept art by Vanessa Aurora Novak (https://fificat.deviantart.com/)

Prison Cage (Freedom Animal to save your game :D)

QUESTS (Magic Forest) (Flora)

Dialog Face:


Get Quest:

Fairy, "Hey!...");
Rheiz, "Who are you?");
Fairy, "My name is Flora");
Fairy, "Please, help me to set my friendsfree");
Rheiz, "Whats happened to them?");
Fairy, "They were corrupted by evil sorcerers");
Fairy, "If you defeat them, i can absorveyour essences to freedom later.");
Rheiz, "All right, let's go");

Finish Quest:

Fairy, "Thanks, my friends can be free now");
Fairy, "In order to thank you for your help, I'm gonna help you wherever you go");
Rheiz, "Thank you very much, but is this ok for you?");
Fairy, "Yes, i insist");
Rheiz, "Ok, let's go");


Quest Reward

On complete the quest, Flora follow you on the map, attack the enemies and giving light.


(Venus Rose)

Dialog Face:


Get Quest:

Venus: "Wait!"
Venus: "Who are you?"
Rheiz: "My name is Rheiz and I am here for a mission, but all creatures of the forest are attacking me."
Venus: "You seem to be a good person, please, don't get mad, it's not their fault"
Venus: "Recently some people showed up followed by a sorcerer who corrupted them"
Venus: "But please, help me to reconnect to my plants so I can get them calm."
Rheiz; "No problem, how can I help?"
Venus: "Let my energy fall upon them, so they will get calm."
Rheiz: "Just give me your energy and leave the rest to me"

Finish Quest:

Venus: "Thank you Rheiz, now I can control my plants again"
Venus: "Now that I have to control of my plants back, I'll give you a gift."
Rheiz: "What's this?"
Venus: "A shield that will allow you to walk through the forest without getting hurt."
Rheiz: "Thank you, but now excuse me, I shall put an end on this."
Rheiz: "I wish you good luck! Go, and be aware that I'll be always thankful to you"


Quest Reward

On complete the quest, Venus give to you the spike immune hability and the plants don't attack you
____________________________________________________________ ITEMS


(Restore Energy)

(Restore Life)

Power Jowels:

(collect 3 to increase max life)
(collect 3 to increase max energy) ____________________________________________________________ Main Character

Full Name: Rheiz Nemath Ravel

(Dialog (Face)


(combo 3 hits)

(Special 1)

(Special 2)

Rheiz's History

LINK: Yellowdesire.blogspot.com.br


Initial PositionFalling


Stuck/Damaged Fall (in ground)Run

Concept Art

___________________________________________________________ First Boss (Grizza)

Full Name: Grizendi Irish

(Dialog Face)




Grizza: Who are you?, what do you want? Rheiz: I've come to put an end to this base Grizza: Well, at this uniform, should be one of the doormats of the ODE Grizza: I recommend you to cease your attack Rheiz: I will not Grizza: You shall regret those words, you will regret Rheiz: No, so let's fight


Grizza: Arhs... Ah... you are much more powerfull that i imagined... Grizza: So let's get this over with..., kill me" Rheiz: Killing you is not my mission, my mission is to destroy this base. Rheiz: I don't like to kill anyone,go away and let me finish this Grizza: ...


Concept Art


Enemies (Under Construction) [NOT OFFICIAL]

Fairy - Fly and deal damage on touch

Azuk - Teleports and create a magic ball
Treester - Goes towards you and attacks you

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