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Super Breakout Man now on MODDB For Windows and Mac

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Ive created an installer for the Windows version of Super Breakout Man, but not for the Mac (sorry, didnt know how to nor do I have a mac to get the software to make one for it) but all you should have to do is extract and play (as far as I know). With the windows installer just extract and run the setup.exe file and follow the prompts and such and you should be all good. There is a list of known bugs and such (that I wont be fixing due to not knowing how and this was just my course work)

But yes feel free to update me with resolutions that I havent been able to test with it (it is recomended you run it on 16:9 resolution, if you have 16:10 resolution run it at a 16:9 res in window mode and you SHOULD be fine).

This is just a 1 level game, I created it when I was studying at a university called AIE (in Melbourne)
Our task was to created a 2.5D platform game with at least 1 level in 10 weeks!

So in those 10 weeks we had to do the following:
Write up a design brief of a platform game
Concept Art
Modeling in Maya
Bit of coding here and there
and alot of trail and error xD
Alot of things got cut due to running out of time/teacher knew very little coding so was very limited.

The idea was it was going to be a little bit like Mario and Super Meatboy, so you could jump on the police guys heads and him being a little red box guy looked a tiny bit like him (just more angry and lame looking, and boxier) if there was more time (I sort of got held back by the teacher a fair bit due to him saying yes you can do this then days later saying no sorry dont know how to) there would of been at least another level (maybe 3 levels all up) but yeah. Its not the best game, it was my first game I made.

Anyways the credits are all in the game credits, theres a concept art section in the extras button in the main menu. The box cover art was just made for this page (its not official of course) but not many people (such as my friends) cared I had made a game. So I was wanting to release it out there so other people could give it a go (as I said Its not the best, its my 1st time) and having it on youtube hasnt really done too much and would like some kind of feedback. All I know is it is hard (can be) and when I haven't played it for ages and cant finish it I rage a little xD We had another part of the University (people doing cert III in programming) come in and test our games, I only had 2 people play mine due to those 2 people trying to beat my 1 level game. They both didnt finish (one got close though). so yeah enjoy and please go easy on the hate xD. Any feedback is welcomed though.

Well I thought seeing as my game is finished, its been out for a while now and I never really got any feedback I thought I would upload it here and see how it goes. Not expecting the best feedback as Ive listed somewhere, it was made when I was doing my cert III in media (3D animation and modeling) and had 10 weeks to make a 2.5D platformer game with at least 1 level and the game fully working. So yeah enjoy my 1 level game creation its nothing too special but yeah its my first time making and finishing a game :)

For Windows and Mac though, I have used wine on Linux Mint 13 running the windows version
so feel free to test on that. If anyone who ran linux and wanted to play it, I would be able to export a Linux version on here. If you are unsure if it will run on your system, please do give it a go and if you run into any problems let me know its not a game that requires alot of anything. I could even guess it could run on very very very old PC's I might even give this a go on my Windows 98 Machine just to see how little is really needed. If it could run on my windows 98 machine (96mb ram an AMD CPU that I have no idea what the speed is, feel like its under 1.00GHz and equipped with a sound blaster) then im sure it will run on anything xD.

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