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Post news RSS Super Agent: Drunk Kent Vine mechanic, and an underwater level (everyone loves those)n

Super Agent Drunk Kent has been further solo developed on by myself just a little more, with the introduction of a vine swinging mechanic and some underwater hostility to explore. Some new music introduced of course, and some colour. The world needs more!!

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Two updates in one here. First i've been constructing the first world of Super Agent: Drunk Kent, which happens to be a forested area (you know plants and stuff...that will kill you). Second of all I also had a play with the prospect of some underwater sections..in the same vain as Super Mario, only entirely physics driven. I made some fish, mines that go bang, and some natural curves and inclines to my underwater tile-map.

Heres two videos showing what i have been working on. Note: The music is made entirely by myself..

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