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This week, we put much work in the core systems of the engine. However, we also have some new features that look nice.

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Check out the full update with some screenshots! The most important changes this week:

  • Philip implemented correct handling of sRGB, gamma correction, and premultiplied alpha (see GPU Gems 3 Chapter 24). He also implemented some first GUI elements.
  • Marcus is still working on our procedural function system. Analytical derivation works already, he is now implementing range predictions.
  • Tobias wrote some cool tools for crash reports and feedback, you can now submit issues and request features right from the game.
  • Marc now has time to work with us. He is already diving into AI pathfinding.
  • Kersten didn’t have much time this week, but he managed to set the octahedron in our test scene on fire.
  • Lukas did more work on the scripting/modding API. Also, he implemented a weather system with day/night cycles, giving us some nice sunsets.

For more screenshots, videos and technical information, visit our blog.

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