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The first of many gameplay videos to come, showing off one of Clothesline Carnage's many game modes!

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CC Update week of April 17th, 2016

Sumo Gameplay Footage

This week, we present the first gameplay footage of Clothesline Carnage!

The following is a full 4-player Sumo match. Sumo is very similar to typical Smash Brothers rules: knock other players off the map to decrease their lives. There is no health in Sumo, the longer you charge a punch, the harder the swing, making other players fling back farther when hit. If you hit another player hard enough three times within five seconds, they will actually explode into a shower of gibs!

The Giants pickup is also turned on for this match. Pills (remember, they are vitamins!) will randomly drop down onto the level. When a player collects three, they will transform into a beefed up version of themself, with punches becoming twice as strong. If you charge a punch as a giant and hit another player, they will instantly be gibbed!

Please note: Clothesline Carnage is still very early in development; the following footage is only three months of work, and many bugs and glitches can be seen.

Next week, we will show off footage from two of our other modes: Volleyball and Hacky Sack!

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