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I'm currently working on improving the player-models, might take me a while, so I thought I'd share my roadmap for SabiCube. It's obviously not written in stone and just meant as a guideline to what you might expect from future releases.

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When the game ZetaProject is complete (or at least the first ten maps), I hope to have the player-animations ready and then release a SabiCube 1.0.
Then I have plans for a more classic rpg with focus on magic, melee and bow-combat. This will require a lot of new items and weapons, but I hope to make the two game-modes coexist, so SabiCube can be used to build both a action- and classic-rpg.

There are some known bugs/limitations that I have plans to fix along the way:

The inventory should be sorting on either name, value or weight, and have a separate tab for loot and quest-items.

Expand the skill-tree. health, energy-regeneration and carry-weight are the only three skills working atm.

dynamic texture and model packs for editor, I have a proof of concept under "Create new map", it produces an autogenerated cfg-file, and the plan is to make a full gui-frontend for texture-packs and other map-related stuff.

Npc's should get angry if hit but first attack on second hit.

guiskin-selector. mostly working proof-of-concept in main editmenu, need more guiskins to choose from

save/load game. atm I have a simple halflife-like savegame system (without ammo and inventory)

The source-code still have a lot of the old stuff that I don't use.
I didn't want to remove anything I might find a use for later, but at some point i should try and clean it up.

A launcher/update tool, most likely end up making something in PyGtk.

And then there's all the things I have overlooked.

If you have a special item you'd like to add to the list, please let me know, I can't promise that I'll be able to implement every request, but new ideas are always welcome.
For now, third-person view and multiplayer-support is very low priority, but it should be possible to implement.

The new crowbar-, pistol-, shotgun- and sniperrifle-animations are all in the github-version (female playermodel only), they still need a lot of love before they are perfect.
If you want to make your own animations, you can download the .blend file here :

The github-version of ZetaProject, is playable until 8th map, and I expect to release SabiCube 1.0 in a couple of months.

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