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Critical Point Incursion indieteam represent you our summer fest media release! Read more on our FPS UDK Standalone game currently in development

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Dominating Studios
presents you...

Dear Community, Summer is here, although the weather seems late in joining the party! Anyhow, we hope you are all enjoying the break if you're lucky enough to have leave from work or break in your education. We over at Critical Point: Incursion have been quiet over the last 3 weeks, taking a much needed vacation, but it's safe to say that the majority of us are now back on track with progress moving along as expected.

Some recent activity over on facebook will enlighten you with some "unofficial" pictures, movie and progress updates that should keep your taste buds tingling in between our official front page news.

Check us out over at Facebook Dominating Studios Here is what we have been working on lately:

AK 47

Modelled & textured by Joel "Flakk" Dabrosin


Joel has done a brilliant job! He really came up with the goods on this awesome looking AK-47, which will be a Mercenary-only weapon.

With this update, it is our opportunity to thank Joel for his professionalism and help on this team. He has been a great addition and we will be sad to see him go. Yes, this is the last weapon he will be doing for Critical Point.

Why? Joel got hired by a major game company (which we cannot mention) and we wish him all the best in the future. Good luck, knock them dead!


Modelled & textured by Nadir "Toku" Whitelaw


As one leaves we warmly welcome Nadir to the team whom completed this beautful looking SCAR H as his trial piece. Congratulations and we look forward to the next one Smiley


Level Design, Models & Textures by Joakim "karatekodden" Stigsson
Additional Level changes by Matt Lefevere, Pleun "Ssswing" Meuwissen & Peter Aldred
Additional assets below are made by Eugene Chu

http://criticalpointgame.com/assets/images/misc/Infidel_01.png http://criticalpointgame.com/assets/images/misc/Infidel_02.png http://criticalpointgame.com/assets/images/misc/Infidel_04.png http://criticalpointgame.com/assets/images/misc/Infidel_06.png

Please note, this level is still a Work-In-Progress and not final, so it is subject to change, including the layout

The map is originally designed by Joakim "karatekodden" Stigsson who created the majority of the modular assets, modelling and texturing himself. Due to him gettting a job in the game industry at another major company (which seems to be happening often here at CPi!), Matt Lefevere, Ssswing and pAldred are now finishing the map with the help of Eugene, who is creating some awesome assets.

Infidel is set in the middle east and the objective is for the Mercenaries to plant a bomb at 1 of 2 possible locations. More will come on this later.

Shooting Range

Designed and modelled by Pleun "Ssswing" Meuwissen


The CPi team has made its own weapon range to internally test different weapon settings over various distances. Despite being fun, it actually does have a purpose!

We are able to test different weapon values such as weapon spread (aim error), recoil and max range possible. The image above shows a bit of this in action.

You can shoot at a target, turn to the left, and see in real-time a live feed of the target up-close using a camera to view your shots accuracy, so you don't need to walk up to the front and see the results! Nice work ssswing Smiley. This has hugely helped in us testing weapon settings on auto fire, burst and single shot firing, allowing us to tweak and find a nice balance.

Character Animations & Code
Hamid Jalili has been working for a long time on our 3rd-person character animations, which TOP-Proto has been implementing into the game. We have hit some big milestones in the last month and now have a fully rigged skeleton for the male and female with animation sequences for pretty much all movements needed:

  • weapon idle, switching & firing for all weapon classes (smg, pistol, rifle, nades, melee, bomb)
  • jumping, running, crouching and other movement sequences
  • nearly complete Animtree to handle all blending of animations and actions combined

Weapon Animations & Code
Sergey "comicsserg" Belyaev finished the animations of the C4 bomb Smiley TOP-Proto has already coded this ingame allowing us to now arm the bomb and the counter team to diffuse it! We will certainly bring you more information on that soon - BOOM!! Kiss

Last but certainly not least:
Nathan "womball" Stromwasser is finishing his very convincing male Mercenary character. The guy looks mean and sharp as a knife. Definitely the guy you would hire to carry out rogue attacks and create mayhem. It's still a work-in-progress but it's now approaching its finishing stages; then he will be ready to show it off to the world!

The CPi team offers a well-established and professional base for you to join an indie team and gain valuable experience. In the last 2 years, we have seen 8 team members use their CPi portfolio work to obtain industry jobs at top developers like Crytek, EA, Vigil Games, Riot Games, and others worldwide.
Yes we work on a voluntary basis, but the benefits and opportunities it may open for you are priceless. Right now we are looking for the below members of staff:

  • Experienced UScript Coder
  • Sound Designer (effects)
  • Music Composer (Level Ambience, Trailer Music)
  • Environment Modeller and Texture Artist (with UDK knowledge)
  • Weapons Animator
  • Experienced Level Designer

For these and other roles, please hit the "Apply" button on our home page and drop us a message


All the best,

Your Critical Point team



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That scar is super clean, i love it

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Infidel looks really great!

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