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With the official release of the alpha you now have a chance to influence the development of the game in its early stages. Suggest your own ideas for features you would like to see in the game!

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The game is currently in alpha stage, with only the basic gameplay and plain blocks. However to make the gameplay much more rich and diverse, I'm currently working in implementation of various special blocks and power ups in the game. And this an opportunity for you, the players, to come with your own suggestions! I can't guarantee that every idea will be implemented, but I'll put there as many as possible (and sensible)!

I'm especially looking for ideas for special types of blocks and then power-ups that can be contained within the blocks and collected for later use (or immediatelly activated), but even if you have any other suggestion, don't hesitate to share it.

Also, I'm also interested in negative effects, which will make the gameplay more challenging and difficult.

Here's the list of features already planned, to give you some idea of what they're like.

Special block types

  • Reinforced-glass - cannot be broken manually, only by overheating
  • Solid-block - cannot be broken manually and doesn't conduct laser beam - must be nearby an explosion to be broken
  • Colored-glass - conducts only specific color of laser beam (used in gameplay with multiple beam colors)
  • Teleport - They always come in pairs, randomly scattered. If the beam enters one of the blocks, it will exit from the other one, no matter where it is
  • Absorbtion-block - In periodic intervals absorbs nearby-blocks, which increase its score value if broken using laser. If it sinks to the bottom though, it will be destroyed and you instead loose some points
  • Explosive block - creates an explosion radius when broken using laser beam, destroying additional blocks around it
  • Cross-explosive block - creates a cross explosion when destroyed using laser, which destroys all blocks in the same horizontal and vertical line
  • Timed-score - the block starts with a specific score value (higher than usual) that decreases with each block you destroy manually. The quicker you destroy it, the more points you get from it
  • Negative-burst - Has a timer, that decreases with each block you destroy manually. If it reaches zero, it will explode and take blocks around it with it and substract points from your score, based on the value of the blocks around
  • Solid-explosive - doesn't conduct laser beams, but can be heated if they fall upon its surface (both beams). Explodes when hit by both lasers

Power ups (can be collected from blocks and used later when needed) - effects are time limited

  • Double score - classic, does it need explaining? :-)
  • Negative score canceler - breaking blocks manually doesn't subtract your score
  • Radius explosion - make an explosion at any place you want to destroy multiple blocks - no score penalty
  • Cross explosion - same as above, but instead of a radius, blocks in same horizontal and vertical line are destroyed
  • Refresh - clear the whole screen (destroys all the blocks) and genereate new blocks
  • Laser reposition - laser beams are randomly repositioned
  • Additional laser - a third beam is enabled at random location
  • Confusion - all blocks look like single blocks even though they're not - impossible to determine their shape
  • Laser surge - one beam will become powerful enough to break all blocks it goes through
  • Score cap - freeze the current score minum to your current score, meaning you won't be able to go under

Thank you for reading this and I'm looking forward to yous suggestions and feedback! :-)

I have created a forum section for the suggestions, you can find it here.

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