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SugarMill is Greenlit Now! Thanks to all you for the support!

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Hi everyone

First thing: SUGARMILL IS GREENLIT!!! I'm really pumped, excited and happy about it. I'm overwhelmed with the worldwide support and enthusiasm about the game. The trailer and gameplay of the game has been featured or published in over 10 different Youtubers and more are coming.

In the near future I will announce the date that SugarMill will become available on Steam Early Access.

This week on Thursday while I was working, checked my email during my lunch break and found the email I was hoping for! The email from Valve saying the game was Greenlit!

I want to take the opportunity to express my thanks to all the people that helped me. All around the world. I got a chance to talk to people from all over and actually made some friends during these past two weeks.

In the future, look for a post that I am planning on publishing about 'How to get Greenlit in less than 2 weeks!'.

This week I worked on quite a few things for the game. Basically polishing bugs, also created a tool that helps align the buildings and the road system is now perfect. Each different tile is a 'SmartTile' and its looks for changes around him. If something changes the tile will change also!

Code Snip of the SmartTile:

    private bool beAlert;
    private void CheckIfNewRoadIsBuilt()
        if (BuildingPot.Control.CurrentSpawnBuild != null && BuildingPot.Control.CurrentSpawnBuild.HType==H.Road)
            beAlert = true;

        if (beAlert && BuildingPot.Control.CurrentSpawnBuild == null)
            //so updates material    

Also want to mention that SugarMill made it into the IndieDB Steam Collection of games.

I can't imagine make a game like this without Unity! Below you can see how the main animator looks like now. Each person has one of this attached.

Thanks for reading

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