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The Sugar Rush Beta release is here. We hope everyone will take the time and play our game. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated and we hope you enjoy.

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The player will now be able to venture through the entire Level of Sweetopia in Sugar Rush. In the Sweet Forest the player will be introduced to the Range Dentist. The Ranged Dentist will shoot a rapid fire of water from his water pick gun at the player that will do light damage then after a few seconds the Dentist will fire a special shot that is slightly slower and will root the player in place making the player unable to move or attack until broken free after button mashing to get out. The player however can try to reflect the special shot with a light attack sending the past back to the Dentist and rooting him instead. This will allow the player to move in and get a few free hits on the Dentist since if the Dentist is not rooted he will jump away keeping his distance from the player. When the player reached the last combat area in the forest they will be introduced and face off against the Boss Dentist (not his final encounter spot). The Boss Dentist uses a mix of moves similar to the Melee and Range Dentist with s slight twist so players will still be used to his tactics but it will still feel like a new encounter. The Boss Dentist's first stage will be his melee stage in which he will uses his tooth drill and perform swipe attacks at the player when within range. Then after a few seconds he will go for an overhead attack that like the melee will get stuck rooting himself in the ground for a few seconds allowing the player to attack him. Next stage the Boss will go into his range state in which he will though packets of tooth paste in the air lobbing them like grenades. It is up to the player to dodge these attacks by observing the the shadow spots on the ground indicating where they will land. In the final stage the Boss will shoot his drill bit underground and make it burrow towards the player hitting them from underneath. The player will be able to dodge the attack by observing the drill tunnel path on the ground and jumping out of the way before it pops out of the ground.

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