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After re-evaluating the goal and scope of the project, we have decided to seek a new direction for Subvert.

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We have taken community feedback very seriously. With that in mind, we re-examined the core focus of Subvert and decided a new direction was needed.

We are not yet ready to announce the details, but we can assure you that the things that make Subvert special, will remain intact.

This new direction represents a commitment to delivering a kick-ass game that is unlike anything out there today.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!


"This new direction represents a commitment to delivering a kick-*** game that is unlike anything out there today."

that is quit something to say from your own game, but ofcourse should you say this when you really think this is the case.
although you hear these kind of text a whole lot these days.

what i actually wanted to say is that i am quit surprised to read that you again have chosen for changing stuff after comments from the community. ofcourse should a developer listen to comments, but, also do i think that you should stick to your own ideas and believes. because only a small part will make comments and suggestions, and they don't represent the entire community. its always best to go for what you think personally is best, is my believe.
maybe i am wrong, but i am tracking this game from the beginning and i seem to remember that this is not the first time you change things after comments.
still, am glad to read that you are still going strong with this, because i was afraid that the openings text of;
"After re-evaluating the goal and scope of the project, we have decided to ...."
would end with that the project was abandoned, but this is clearly not the case, much success,


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RayBarrera Author

A platform like this allows me to be more open, so I will be.

Feedback is very important to us. But as you mentioned, we do recognize comments are a vocal minority, so let me explain what I mean:

We are making the game we set out to make since day one. It's full of ideas and mechanics that we've put much thought into. We're not willing to compromise on the core tenets of the design. However, community feedback (not restricted to comments here; it also includes feedback from industry vets and friends and family) helps us gauge how far we can take the game in one go-around--and I'm really honest--how much people care.

As to the first part: Absolutely, we believe that. Our official seal of approval is when something makes us all say "THAT is ******* awesome." and makes us giggle like little boys.

So, the tag line is an accurate description of what we're doing. "A New Beginning."

The way I'd describe the new Subvert is "Leaner and Meaner".

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RayBarrera Author

Let me add this: It is important that we recognize the community's importance as well because we will rely on them heavily in the coming months to help us spread the word.

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thanks for your explanation, and i fully understand what your saying.

i don't know what it is, but this game had my immediately attention and it stayes that way. even when this is a mp game, and i don't game mp at all. said it before but have to say it again, it is a real shame this game is mp, or doesn't have a sp mode. although i do understand that from a commercial point it is much better these days to make a mp game instead of a sp game.

i will keep tracking and am interested to see what you will show us in the next few months. and hopefully we will see some gameplay movie footage in the near future (i am a real game trailer and teaser guy,lol)


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RayBarrera Author

Raybarrera.com Relevant.

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