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Subterrain is nearing its release date ( 21st of Jan ) and we have just released our trailer. Also check out the details about the release!

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Subterrain release date : 21st Jan

It has been crazy two years of development. And it is finally coming to the very important milestone of the game. A full game release transition from the early access!

Also, we have just released our official trailer so check it out

You can also go to our store page and check out the announcement by the community hub.

Also check out our Trello board to see what we are going to work on during the early access.

Full controller support

Subterrain controller mapping

Game pad controller mapping

We have finally implemented full game pad controller suppport. It still needs to be polished a bit, but everything should be functional and the game is fully playable using the game pad alone.

Post release plan

Repair bay

New nano repair bay

Making to the full game release is very important milestone for Subterrain, but it is not the only and the end of the road for Subterrain. We have some awesome plan for post full game release so check them out here!

The list of stuffs in here isn't 100% guaranteed to be implemented. It all depends on how well the game does so we have budget to keep improving the game.

We will of course.. make patch and bug fixes to anything that is already in the game no matter what the out come of the full release is.

  • Coop multiplayer - This is the biggest update and it will only happen if the game significantly does well because this kind of update will require many months of focused development.
  • Random map tile editor - This tool will let you create the room tiles that can be spawned during random map generation.
  • Alternative ending with West's personal story line - We already have done some work on this. This has a good chance of getting in the game through a free update.
  • More background stories and little sub missions that can enrich the game.
  • More background music. - We have some kind musicians working on this already.
  • UI scaling option for very high resolution.
  • Randomization of important key locations.
  • Randomization of all other ground floor levels except Central control and prison.
  • Up-gradable repair machine.


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