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This is the description of the first race on Subtera: the slaves.

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The slaves

The slaves

"There is evidence of the human race since almost the beginning of time, and since the beginning of time their main purpose was as labor force. No matter which race was dominant, humans were there to provide them with all sorts of tasks, be on the depths of the lava mines or fighting on wars just for it’s captives amusement. Since the last cataclysm which vanished the dominant races at approximately 100 cycles before, most of them are free, roaming in small nomad groups, using their ability to adapt to almost all kinds of environments, situations, relying almost on their excellent forging, crafting and weapon skills."

Slaves - 3D rendering
A human slave with it's sword and shield equipped

The slaves - armor 1
The leather armor set concept.

"It’s rumored that a small gathering of humans is starting a new city just below the surface on the far east..."

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