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Post news RSS Stygian Shade has changed its name to "Grave"

In response to feedback from our users, we are renaming Stygian Shade to be more direct. The new title, "Grave," will be easier to search for and will allow us to better spread the word about the game.

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We're big fan's of watching let's play videos for Stygian Shade. It's always enjoyable to see player responses, but we have seen a very strong pattern in all of them; they don't know how to say the name of the game. As production of the game is increasing in momentum, we are very interested in making sure that the game is clear and understandable for the audience. After giving the name careful consideration, we have settled on "Grave."

"Stygian Shade," for those who may not be aware of it's meaning, is referring to the River Styx in hell. Stygian means "of or relating to the Styx River," but can also refer to darkness. This title seemed fitting, and we really liked the sound. What we didn't anticipate, however, was that it was a bit too obscure for communicating the game to an audience. When users read the name, they aren't sure how to pronounce it, and when we tell them the name verbally, they aren't sure how to spell it. This is a deadly combination and we don't want something like a name to hold back the game and it's ability to reach an audience. This name change came after much consideration and angst, but we feel it is for the best.

"Grave" has two advantages as a name, and this relates to its dual meaning. As a horror title, Grave leaves little room for misinterpretation of the game's themes. It is a dark game, and an evocative horror title gives us the ability to communicate our intentions for the game more clearly. The more subtle meaning of word is also fitting, as we hope to show as we move forward with development. Selecting a name is difficult, but we are happy with this decision.

Big things are coming for the game in the next few weeks, and it seemed fitting to give it a "rebirth" with a new name in addition to the new content and features. We're very excited to show you what Grave has in store for you, and eagerly await meeting you in the darkness!

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