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what have been happening recently with and within the game

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Crafting of static objects like forges has been implemented , and forges should work in the matter of days , smelting the ores you can already mine, into ingnots

System of invention is in game , where you get a "blueprint" called "idea" from items you put into a invention interface , from the blueprints you re able to craft forges and more items when i bring them to the game

The vision is like , when you mine a rock , you can invent a blueprint for a forge from it , when you smelt ore in a forge , you will be able to invent something from the ore you smelted , like some sort of weapon blade , hatchet blade , and so on , the idea for the item will have its own quality based on your skills in inventing , and other skills involved in making particular item you try to invent . When you use the idea for crafting it will lost some of its quality . Quality of an idea is a hardcap for the quality of an item you can make out of it . There will be a system for copying ideas too , so you dont have to invent over and over to just make more of the same items

next one on the list will be anvils , and finally crafting of weapons, tools ,and armors , i m considering implementing resources like hudge mushrooms , from it you will be able to gather wood and a cap will be used as a simple ingridient in cooking food

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