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We at Studio 404 have continued to work on Overcharged as it heads into public beta release.

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We at Studio 404 have continued to work on Overcharged as it heads into public beta release. Here is a devlog of our changes!

--- What's New & Why? ---

Last week, we found that our game was suffering from a number of quality of life bugs--minor, but collectively they resulted in the experience of the game being less fun.

We've locked the camera's movement to just be horizontal. This should avoid situations where players cannot see what is below them (which was frustrating if there were spikes beneath whatever platform you just jumped off of)

A screenshot of our third level. We hope it is still challenging yet fun.

Finally, we've added a number of small improvements relating to theming and professionalism. First, the titlescreen now looks much better, as it now has custom buttons and a better looking logo. There is now titlescreen music and a parallax effect. Secondly, we added scene transitions, so that it is clearer that you are actually entering a level. We also improved the death sequence, which now has an animation and musical effect.

A screenshot of our improved titlescreen!

Other small improvements include the addition of a pause menu, which some players wanted, animated ability cards, and more fair homing bullet attacks.

--- What's Next? ---

We plan on paying attention to the difficulty changes this sprint. If it turns out that we still have a frustrating difficulty curve, we will make more level edits. We also will look to adding some minor UI quality of life tweaks, such as the addition of a restart button and a "best time" tracker. We are also wanting to add additional overcharge abilities, like a shotgun blast that allows for multiple shots at once. Finally, we will add an ending screen to better cap off the game's story.

--- Download links ---

If you would like to beta test our game or leave any feedback, please feel free. Download links are below:

Windows: Drive.google.com
Mac build: Drive.google.com

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