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A small article about Stubborn Kings and the journey to kickstarter!

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Dear reader,

Stubborn Kings is a 2D adventure RPG, Explore a world filled with mythical beasts, astonishing environments and plenty of adventures!

We have been working countless hours on creating art for our game Stubborn Kings and we want to give you a little update on the game and kickstarter! Our game is far from done but we are on a good way.

Kickstart - Our goal was to launch our Kickstarter campaign around March but we decided to delay our Kickstarter untill we have a playable Demo for the potential backer to play.

Development - At this moment we are working really hard to create an playable demo, we have already made 2 tech demo's to get a rough idea where the struggles will be. The tech demo's went really great and we are pleased with the results!

Design - Our game looks fantistic! It looks exactly how we imagined it would look. We still need to create tons of sprites but we will nail every single one of them!

You can find us on all socialmedia platforms @prettygoodpals!
Follow us on our journey to a succesfull kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for your time reading this small article, we hope to find you roaming the lands of the Stubborn Kings in the future!

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