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Following a pause in development while the team reorganized development is now progressing.

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Over the past year many thought project had died due to lack of updates, but the truth is far from that..

We used the pause in public posting to quietly focus on moving the project from Unity3D to the Unreal4 game engine and in that time we have implemented 76% of features we had working in Unity now working coded from scratch in Unreal4.

We have brought on a new coding team which is currently in the process of implementing C++ elements for the networking as we are readying to move forwards to the roll out of a multiplayer build of stratus under the new engine.



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We have also used this time to work on creating assets for world map, gone are the boxy flat underside islands replaced with prefab islands modeled to match those of the old netstorm.. we have also added vegetation to the hanging islands. along with creating little windows on side of the islands that light up from time to time to give maps and islands a more rich environment.

Under the old unity build we constantly had issues with combat and how units attacked, from the ground up in unreal4 w have implemented a new system that allows for accurate updating of targets of players units and removal of destroyed enemy units so units function properly.

Find for more updates and content that has been posted during the move see us on FB


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