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Discover the story mode of Hell of Men Blood Brothers, additions and corrections for the Udpate 13.

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Hello !

Can you hear it ? It's there ! It's coming ! The Story mode of Hell of Men Blood Brothers !!!
The great news is that the actor was very fast and the voices are also available.

I'm very happy to be able to add the Story mode. It's a lot of work that I hope you will enjoy. :)

This story allows you to follow Iwan and Stefan, two Polish brothers embarked in a conflict in Belarus. You play Lieutenant Banner in a campaign of 5 missions.

Some screens:

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that in the next 2 - 3 weeks the price of Hell of Men will increase to the price of : 8.99$ - 7.39€

With this new game mode a large list of additions and modifications:

The strategic points of all the maps have been reviewed in preparation for multiplayers.
-Airport / Crossroads / Fields / Village: Reduction of the number of strategic points from 10 to 6.
-Wall / Montain : Reduction of the number of strategic points from 4 to 2.
-Bridge / Hamlet / Train Station : Reduction of the number of strategic points from 6 to 4.
-Land of Dead : Reduction of the number of strategic points from 7 to 5.
-The available vehicles have been changed at certain strategic points.
-Addition of mercenaries on strategic points that you will have to neutralize before you can capture the positions.
-Corrected a bug on the respawn of vehicles that didn't respect the waiting time.
-Added a LOD system on some scenery for better performance.
-Addition a LOD system on fire and smoke effects for better performance.

-Increase of the health points: multiplication by 2 for all buildings.
-Repositioning of fires and smoke when the building is almost destroyed.
-Adjustment of the spawn of fires and smoke.
-Addition of a delay of 15 seconds after destruction of the buildings before disappearance.
-Addition of an information circle of the range of the fixed machine gun when it is placed.
-Addition of buildings in fog of war: All buildings disappear in FoW except the following buildings: anti-tank obstacle, sandbox, barricade, HQ.
-Fixed Machine Gun: Changes attack range from 18 to 16.
-Fixed Machine Gun: Changes range of sight from 20 to 18.
-Laboratory: Scaling of the technician during the construction animation of a unit.

-Steam: Increase in construction speed from 5 to 10.
-Technician: Increase construction speed from 7 to 14.
-Tank: Increase health from 450 to 650.
-Tank: Reduction of transport capacity from 3 to 2.
-Light tank: Increase health from 350 to 450.
-Light tank: Reduction of transport capacity from 4 to 2.

-Correction of data.

I've reworked the projectiles again and it's good! They won't go through without damage. The whole thing becomes more lethal.
-Reworked all the projectiles.
-Rework the damage detection colliders on all infantry units.

Updated covers bonuses:
-Light from 5 to 10.
-Medium from 10 to 15.
-Heavy from 15 to 20.

Language :
-Correction of English.
-Correction of French.
If you wish to participate in the translation go to the discord!
Discord Whacky Squad Studio

Addition of the credit scene with people that work on Hell of Men. This list will be updated with all contributions.

Enjoy the game and have a good weekend!

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