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Some great news protaining to some local stores in the Pennsylvania state

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Since starting this project the team behind the project has been talking to some local stores on the

eastern half of the state of Pennsylvania so far one store in the city of perkasie agreed to sell the game

when done and copyrighted, so soon there will be a etsy store that will be selling the game in physical

form as well so stay tuned as i talk to the stores and more updates will be posted and new stuff from the

game as well will be posted on youtube.com which the link for that will be added soon in the next news.

All that I can say that is hold on cause it will be one hell of a ride cause the ride is starting to pick up

steam as this game will be on steam and it will be costing me some money and the paperwork will be done

as soon as it can before it is released, the link for that when it is done will be posted along with the alpha

of the game and the story is still being written and the details of the whole game is being worked on as

well be ready to enter the world of Derek's Nightmare sometime in the next two years.

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