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It has been a very long run with the Development of Assault Knights. But there is a time when you must look back and think to yourself. How long have I been working on...

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It has been a very long run with the Development of Assault Knights. But there is a time when you must look back and think to yourself. How long have I been working on this project? And how much time was wasted? Sense 2006 I have been working on this game. It has been a long hard road. And a lot of things have been going on in my life since then.

The game has helped me in many ways. But it also has been a huge burden as well. This project has had many developers and coders through the years. Each bringing there own kind of fun to the game. But all in all, I must face it. It is never going to be the dream I have wanted it to be. It is way too big and just downright crappy in a lot of areas. I can find no help with it. Everyone who ever sees it gets scared of it in one shape or more. And honestly, I am almost 40 now. I started this game when I was 26 years old. Wanting something that was as good as Mech Warrior. But without a headache that comes along with it.

The Battletech Bible thumpers so to speak. So I went in without any knowledge of how to create a video game. There it went from a small baby. Literally taking its first steps. (How to make an animated mech walk.) Thanks to a good guy named Wellu. Whom first got the Mech.type system working. Without his coding the game would not have turned into the game it is today. Good or bad. I would like to be the first to truly thank him for his contribution to the game. He literally made the baby walk.

After that, he told me he could not work on the project anymore. Because he had his own project to take care of. So then I met the Awesome and the one who worked on the project more than anyone. Over 5 years nonstop just about. His name was Msg_Gol. He took what wellu did and added a huge assortment of stuff to the game. After I explained to him what I was looking for. Then the game had Vehicles, Tanks, Aircraft, VTOL, and Helicopters. 90% of the game still uses his code in some form or other. He took the game to new heights. Adding better .type files to it. And getting multiplayer to work, and just huge stuff that I could not even have dreamed of without him. But Alas. Like everything. Things come to an end. He too wanted to go onto other things. But he left me with a huge foundation, one that is still used to this day.

After Msg_Gol there was a crazy Australian who worked on the game for a while. He was an awesome coder. Named Angry Wasp. Who was really doing well with the Development of the game? But for the life of me. Just upped and disappeared on me. He updated the game to Neo Axis 1.0 at that time. And lasted almost 2 years. But then suddenly vanished. Not sure if I did something to piss him off or what. But I guess I will never know lol.

Over the years other people have tried to step up to the plate. Names I don’t even remember now. Lasting about 2 months or so at a time. Then Deciding either to leave with all my work. Or just can’t handle it.

Then the last person who came along. Is a great friend of mine. Incinerator. (Incin) He made the game what it is today. Working with me or about 3 years on the project. But things happened between him and IRL issues. As well as myself too. That took us from the project. But a lot with the player character system. And getting the Techlab working with due to his awesomeness. And he too I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart. For helping with this project for many years as well. You have done more with this. Then almost anyone. And it would not be the awesome game it is today without ya. So thanks a lot bro! Honestly, you are awesome!

Now to the reason why I am quitting this game? Mainly because of a few reasons. 1 of which the developer of Neo Axis. Has become a complete and total prick to his community. Banning people, stealing their money. And downright stopping the development of the Neo Axis Engine. He has banned many of his English members from speaking their mind. Asking him to fix things that need fixing. And just becoming a huge prick to his community. I have spent around 10,000 dollars of my own money on his game engine, and my game. And I will never get that back.

2ndly I am tired of the game now. I have realized I have poured 12 years of my life into this game project. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. But it has been also a huge burdan as well. I need to be able to focus on my life. And things that I want as well.

Lastly. It just seems that no one is even interested in the project anymore. I have asked many times for donations. Started all kinds of different campaigns to raise money for it. To help me continue working on it. And nothing.. No one but spammers come to my site now. No one comments on anything about the game. If I had a community. And people still interested in it. I would be more than willing to keep it going. But there is none now. No one ever really comes to my site anymore. So mainly. I am just going to close the doors.

I will keep the website up from now to for however long I can afford to. If you want to download the current and last version of the game. You better do so before it does go down. Not sure how long that will be. But either way. If this project still had people interested in it. Willing to donate or help it. I would be willing to keep it going. But I am just not going to keep hope alive.

I would rather cut my losses and try a new project. Make something better. 12 years is a long time. Hell, that was as long as Duke Nukem Forever. lol. Anyway, this will be the final days of this project. Better grab it while it is still up.

Thanks so much.

Night Hawk.


Sad to hear about this, but I hope you find a new project/hobby that inspires you as much as this one did. Good luck to you on your future endeavors.

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Thats a good story to tell people at the least. I think you might be jumping the gun though, Mech games are seeing a resurgence. With a bit of a better more push outwards I think you might be able to secure a better base of supporters.

As far as I saw you never advertised elsewhere. Didnt see anything on any video game related reddits, 4ch /v/ or /m/. There are SO many places you couldve showed people the game. Moddb is past its prime, in terms of reach.

Heres hoping if youd like to take another shot, dont hesitate. What do you have to lose aside from the time spent posting around?

Regardless, your work and the work of everyone involved has been fantastic. Its such a shame to see a project gone for so long come to a close.

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AKNightHawk Author

Thanks, you guys. It is nice to see people post on here. Thanks so much for the kind words. And Lupus I have posted about it on other outlets. Twitter Twitter.com, Itch.io Aknighthawk.itch.io

Facebook Facebook.com

Patreon: Patreon.com

Here. lol. Though yes I do understand what ya mean. But mainly I can't keep up with all the sites. If I did that I would have to focus all my time on that. and not have much time for the development of the game. Or IRL stuff.

But either way, thanks yall for the kind words. If I could get a resurgence I would continue. But honestly, I don't think it will happen.

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Is there a recent playable Demo build with multiplayer right now? I could try, everything is worth a shot. Ive been following the project since 2010 waiting for updates quietly, you sure as hell bet ill do what I can. Tidy something up for one last attempt and lets give it one last shot

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are you going to upload these files right? :D

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AKNightHawk Author

The most recent version of the game is here. Assaultknights.biz and its patches. Assaultknights.biz You can also download the AKLite version here. Assaultknights.biz AKLite is pretty much the same as the full version but it only comes with 4 maps. The rest works fine. Multiplayer should work though you have to open some ports. And the game can only host 2 players at a time. 4 if you're lucky. Neo Axis' multiplayer is very bad.

I would probably be better off if I moved to a completely new engine. But starting all over again from scratch really scares me. But I was debating on going to either the Cryengine or Unreal 4. I have both. Unreal does not seem to work to great on my computer though for some reason right now. But games made with it. Seems to work real good. So not sure what is going on there.

Learning a new engine though. The time it would take. Not sure if I would even want to. I have almost all the source to Neo Axis. But I would need a coder whom could add new features to the game engine too. There would be a chitload that would need to be done for sure.

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