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The june report will explain a lot of the bugs and give further information on where we are at on the project as well.

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Hello, I'm sorry to say that the game may take longer then expected. my partner cant work with me anymore as he has his own issues to worry about form the time being. On that note, that means i have to fix all the bugs on my own which is a lot. Most of the bugs are within the AI files and have to be corrected. When i get finish posted the updated screen shots you will the notice the change in shadier effects and graphic Detail has improved a great deal. this is because my partner had came up with a solution by building a custom graphic engine which was fused with the FPSC engine. New screen shots should be posted in the next day or so. Also a alpha WILL be released since the game is taking so long. it will be of the first four levels at there prime state. Which means there will not be a lot of story put in since these levels are just the basic test prototype to see how AIs will act and so forth. the game at this point is about 82% done at this point and will hopefully be released in the next couple of months. along a standalone multiplayer mode will be added with Five maps.

list of multiplayer maps
Free bound.
Juno site.
Street fight.
Brookfield lobby.
X com 17.

this ends the June report, the team is sorry for the delay and will work hard to prevent future ones from happening.


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