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Alpha Rising is still being developed, though slowly.

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I may not have updated for a while, but Alpha Rising is still an ongoing project. I got sidetracked working on other prototypes and having my first short story published, but lately the pace has increased. I mean, just check out the changes since the last version!

  • Changing to a party member now takes control of that party member
  • Upgrade to Unity 2019
  • Editor functions expanded to speed development of scenes
    • Clicking to equip an avatar from the inventory items now works properly, including showing equipped armour/helmet/head in editor. Todo weapons/equipment
    • Menu function to apply the above to all selected avatars
    • Menu function to bulk rename avatar gameobjects to match their in-game name
    • Added an editor extension that allows for NPC schedules to be generated
  • Added editor extensions to show avatar head, armour and helmet while building
  • Added shopkeeper and some dialogue
  • Fixed scripts to pickup, drop equipped weapon and drag
  • Prototype dialogue implemented for a single character on the ship
  • Fixed dead avatars coming back to life when loading if game is paused
  • Finished code for mouse wheel scrolling inside container/avatar inventory windows
  • Changed to 'dual stick' style movement with strafing
  • Enabled move and shoot
  • Added GenerateSchedule function
  • Line of sight for an NPC is now in a forward 120 degree arc
  • NPCs will be alerted if someone is outside of the arc but get too close- Bug fixes and improvements-
  • Esc key with no windows open, opens the main menu
  • Main menu with options for Save, Load and Exit
  • Stop moving when using something
  • Stop NPCs from continually trying to access a waypoint behind a locked door
  • When loading, remove mesh collider on doors if they are in open state
  • Removed buttons from the lift in the ship and created a new solution that shows a button panel when you walk into the lift
  • Remove code that stops player while moving with keys if they get near things
  • Made window title bars higher
  • Clicking a window brings it to front
  • Added mesh colliders to doors and stopped player from moving if they are facing a closed door. This
  • seems to stop player from being able to push through
  • Tablets scroll properly
  • Cleaned up all levels, mostly lighting
  • Added line of sight
  • Bug fixes
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