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In this bit of news there is not much, but we at least explain that we are not dead. We had a bit of a slow down, but are well on our way back to steady progress. Maybe more? Read and you can judge for yourself!

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Hello everyone! I truly apologize for such a long wait on these updates... However, real life got a hold of the main man on this project, but he is back now. Slowly getting to the same amount of time spent on this before! Anyways, we have some REALLY important news. While my partner was away, I started working on making this engine use DX9 instead of just DX7. When my partner re appeared, we decided it should go all the way to DX11 instead. Now, we are frankly pretty close to having it there! Exciting right?!?! I think so :)

At the same time, the graphics you last saw.. Wow, BAD. Even while the new stuff is still using DX7, it looks more than a thousand times better. We also are working on the title again, and have it figured out, but we will save that for later. We also worked on the main idea behind the game.... No more elves and goblins and stuff, this will no longer be a fantasy happy land. This is going to be a horror adventure and it will be SERIOUSLY fantastic.

Okay, I have a video to end this with... Enjoy! *Note* This is just an example of graphics *still dx7* that we have achieved, and it is still very much so a Work In Progress! Quite amazing if you ask me..)

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